Façade Inspiration

Fiber cement cladding is not as difficult to detail as you think. Architects use it successfully for a wide variety of applications because it’s cheaper than other cladding materials, can be fabricated to look like a variety of raw materials (such as wood or concrete) and can envelop your most basic multifamily unit complex, a pastiche piece of residential design or a monolithic otherworldly structure. It’s all about versatility in shape, texture, color and manipulation. No matter the size or length of fiber cement planks or panels on a project, this versatile and weatherproof material is a strong substitute for other types of cladding products. While it is cheaper than metal, concrete and stone, it can look high-quality and expensive with well-considered, seamless corner detailing.





Equitone is a modern through-colored material made from fiber cement, which is used in a variety of applications, especially facades. Produced since the 1950s under the original name Eternit, these panels show the unique, raw and untreated texture of the fiber-cement base material. Ranging from private residences and pavilions to multi-functional buildings and festival halls, the projects enclosed in this collection show how Equitone can be applied to a variety of building types and sizes.


Breaking through expectations in construction industry standards, G-CAST takes bold strides towards the future and establishes a new level of excellence.
G-CAST retains its reputation as a pioneer, being the first company to successfully integrate the UHPC formulation into designing and manufacturing architectural and structural pre-cast elements in Malaysia.
Specializing in the manufacture and supply of precast prefinished Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) solutions.


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