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Unparalleled Customization

Doors represent our gateway to the world – their position, size and functionality governing your inside-to-outside transition. In addition, the style and configuration we choose for our doors can be subtle and purposeful, or be bold and expansive to accentuate an open-plan lifestyle. We recognizes the importance of doors and the role they play in your home.
Our comprehensive range offers outstanding variety, genuine value and professional advice. Smart styling, dependable hardware and a range of designs all combine to offer you a ‘premium product. Ensuring you select the best doors to enhance your home’s livability is what we do best.




Make the most of your surroundings by inviting the outdoors in with CLH Sliding Door. The style and configuration of your sliding doors are important considerations to make, as they must cater to your lifestyle while contributing to your home's overall comfort and visual appeal. We provides a wide range of sliding doors and can assist you in selecting the best fit for your situation. You can contact us today to explore the many options and design features that we have to offer.


The characteristic ‘fold-and-stack’ function and seamless transition from inside to out is why folding doors top the list for alfresco entertainment areas and any zone where you want to optimize your view and opening space. As part of our free consultation service, We will gladly assist in designing the most suitable door configuration for your project.

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Make an impressive entrance with a CLH Series Hinged Door. Sturdy and functional by design, our range of hinged doors are suitable for any commercial and residential access application. Our representative will gladly assist in assessing the best door type, ideal configuration and most appropriate hardware for your situation.


Give your bathroom the appeal and elegance it deserves by selecting  Shower Screen. With a wide selection of configurations and decorative colors from which to choose, CLH range of sliding, swing and fixed shower screens will complement any bathroom. We also install fully frameless shower screens for that something special.


Questions about our product? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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